Toucan Laces

Don’t Shout to Stand Out…Let your feet do the talking!

Founded in Alexandria, VA in early 2017 by Toucan Clothing LLC, Toucan Laces will follow the footsteps of Toucan Socks and help those in need.

Every box comes with seven colorful waxed cotton shoelaces.  Ideal for any pair of dress shoes with 4-6 eyelets.  Each pair measures 35 inches (90cm) and are 2.5mm round.  Your are sure to stand out in Toucan Laces.

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Style, Function, Mission

Quality goods that help you show the world your style and help those in need

Clothing and More

Style isn’t only shown in your clothing but in everything you do.

Your carefree and confident lifestyle means that you’ll never spend a moment wondering what
others think or do. Together we can have style, functionality, and make the world
better for our children. Thank you for choosing Toucan Clothing.